Tarot, tarot everywhere!

Wowza. The Beautiful Rebellion Tarot is just under three months old, and my first edition is nearly sold out already. As of this posting 59 copies remain in my Etsy store. I’d be lying if I said that didn’t choke me up a bit. Seeing how well loved this deck has been fills my little creator heart with so much joy!

Sneak peek of the second/standard edition box and insert!

I am at work on a second, “standard” edition of the BR that will be a more mass market style version. The tuck-box will be full-colored printed and the insert “cheat sheet” (my slimmed down version of a little white book) will also be printed on glossy paper. This edition will include the same downloadable PDF guidebook (which is also being offered in a full-color hardbound version for us tarot enthusiasts coughnutscough), but will not include the jute bag the first edition did. And while I’m sad the first edition’s handmade/sealed boxes are almost through, I think my stamping hand will be glad for the break!

In other exciting tarot news, I will be vending at Reader’s Studio 2019 in April (so exciiiiiiited) and am planning to have a special edition deck available just for attendees of that show. The Reader’s Studio 2019 Edition will be a limited run of 78 decks will bring back the handmade features of the first edition but in a new way. This version of the tuck box  will be done up in a gold/green/brown color scheme (rather than the first edition’s gold/red/black), will include a chocolate brown jute bag (rather than burgundy), printed glossy cheat sheet, and–what excites me most!–each deck will also contain a special surprise: an extra holographic card.

I grew up in the age of collectible card games and the fun of chase rares, so the idea of an extra holographic tarot card (to use as a replacement for the regular card in the deck or even just display for fun, as the owner sees fit) really tickles me! I also think it will be super fun to see which extra card is in the box as the decks are purchased. Maybe I can start an Instagram hashtag to get people sharing their cards… In any case, I can’t wait to share what these special cards will look like as soon as they arrive from the printer!

Let’s see….what else has been going on that I can talk about… The last few weeks have been super busy for me, as I had the Ninefold Festival followed by New York Comic Con (two amazing events that feed my soul in very different ways). As soon as I came back to reality from NYCC, I came down with a terrible case of the dreaded Con Crud that I’m still fighting off. (Booooooo.) Beyond that… well, I really have been living and breathing tarot lol

In addition to working on the standard and RS19 versions of the BR, I am also at work behind the scenes on creating not one but two more tarot decks. The first (which has more cards created than the second thus far) is my shadow work focused deck, which really fits the time of year and my current place in the Avalonian cycle (if you follow that sort of thang, as I do), so work is progressing on that one at a pretty quick pace! This deck features a very unique scrapbook style art feel, with vintage black and white photography being combined with mixed media art to evoke the shadow meaning of the cards .. I think its pretty cool and am hoping others will too! Its just about time for me to start writing the guidebook/workbook that will accompany that one too, which is something I have been longing for and dreading in just about equal parts.

The other deck–which is much more conceptual at this point, but tugging at my heartstrings more and more by the day–is loosely based around a #girlboss theme, mirroring the experiences of my own creative indie journey in the cards. So far I only have The Fool sketched out for this deck, but I’m already in love with it and hope to see it to completion in 2019 as well!

Aaaaand that’s about it. I’m crap at ending blog posts so instead of rambling on I’ll just slink off screen here…


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