The Modern Mystic RLC Subscription Box Revamped!

mm3Since the inception of my Etsy store a bit over a year ago (crazy to think it’s only been that long!), one of my original offerings has been the ModernMysticRLC Subscription Box. This sub is near and dear to my heart, but going into the new year I felt it lacked a little … omph.

So, I’ve made some updates.

The heart of this subscription remains the same: a 5-card Month Ahead spread, read for each subscriber every month. The bits and bobs that come along with the reading, however, have been taken up a notch and are steering this box in a slightly more spiritual direction. Every reading will end with a monthly affirmation, and an intuitively chosen, Reiki-charged crystal will be included every month–but now we are adding some fun new handmade goodies into the mix: a handmade essential oil blend and rolled beeswax candle to accompany every month’s theme.

MM1I’m really excited to be sharing these new offerings (and to be dusting off that herbalist cert I earned so many years ago). I adore using essential oils and candles both, and having a hands-on approach to creating my own for my customers is already bringing me so much joy. I hope you’ll find the same joy in burning and wearing the scents I create!

I hope these new touches and monthly themes will give the subscription a more complete feel, giving you all of the materials you need to conduct a mini ritual for yourself each month. When your box arrives, you can sit down and anoint yourself with a lovely scented oil (and your candle too!), light that candle, and take a moment to pause in your day as you peruse your reading.

This might sound a little too woo-woo to some people, and I get that. But–hear me out. My intent is to give my subscribers a self-care ritual in a box. Too often we put ourselves dead last in the priority game, and I am a firm believer that we need to stop feeling bad for needing a little well deserved “me time!” So, with the ModernMysticRLC box, you’ll not only receive some guidance to help you navigate the path you’re walking, but also an invitation to take some time to relax and fully immerse yourself in a revitalizing breather, where you can realign your thoughts with your intent before moving forward.

Doesn’t that sound lovely? It does to me!

I hope everyone enjoys these changes and that I’ll be able to keep adding special little touches like these to the box for a long time to come.

These changes will be going into effect with the January 2019 box, but there miiiiight be a couple sneak peeks in the December box just to make the holidays a little … spicier.



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